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  1. Plenty of photos showing the activities of the Band - with people (RCB members and audience) enjoying the activity/ies.
  2. A detailed CV and photo of Craig.
  3. A list of the (original) pieces that form our Library thus demonstrating the type/level of difficulty of music performed - a Members Only page accessible by password can show the pieces planned for the immediate and short term future.
  4. A schedule of major engagements - the Members Only page can show the detailed list of engagements with program, timings, dress, travel arrangements etc.
  5. A brief History of the organisation.
  6. Positions vacant - Double Reed, Horn etc.
  7. Contact details (email, phone etc).
  8. A link from the Conservatorium's website.
  9. Membership fees, conditions and responsibilities
  10. Band's fee structure - what we charge for gigs/requirements for performing
  11. Monthly newsletters (Publicity officer to draft after each committee meeting)
  12. Music in the area/other organisations/related Links
  13. Minutes, summary of events/decisions?
  14. Information on Members? (demonstrate the makup of the band to potential members)
  15. Press

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The Riverina Concert Band is the only concert band in Wagga, which is open to all citizens of the district. Most big bands of our type are school based and obviously cater for their own pupils. We have a proud history of achievement as a provider of entertainment at many venues in and around Wagga. We have marched every year on Anzac day since the bandπs inception 34 years ago. The Riverina Concert Band is in fact a continuation of the original WWCC Brass Band of the 1950πs, which has gone through several name changes and has been serviced by many conductors over this period.

Dr. Roland Bannister, founder of the Conservatorium & Riverina Concert Band, was responsible for moving the band in its present direction, overseeing the transition from Brass to Concert Band in 1982. His leadership has been carried forward by such notables as Mjr Peter Grant, presently OC Kapooka Band, who arrived in Wagga just in time to carry out a major restructure, building the band membership to over 60 players. Mjr. Andrea Davey and Lt Col.Pat Picket both past OCπs of Kapooka Band also played a pivotal role in keeping the band on track. A number of talented musicians from Kapooka have provided a continuing stream of energy and expertise over the years as musical directors. Our present conductor, Peter Matheson (Australian Army Band Kapooka ) took us last year to our first State Band Competition for many years, giving the band valuable experience.

The band practises each Tuesday at 7.30 at the Conservatorium, playing popular and traditional band pieces. RCB incorporates all the concert band instruments, flute, clarinet, saxes (including soprano & baritone), trumpets, French horn, trombone, euphonium & tuba. We are fortunate to also have a bassoon player, who at present doubles on percussion. Past conductor Michael Beaton introduced vocalists who we now feature on a regular basis. RCB numbers fluctuate, at present we have about 40 members of all ages from early high school to senior retirees. We field about 35 of these players at our playouts, which include the Festival of Flowers & Music at St. Johnπs, the WWCC Farmers Markets, the Wagga Jazz Festival, invitation Live Steam Rally in the Botanic Gardens, Christmas in main street, Carols by Candlelight, Christmas eve in Athol Street, concerts in Humula, Lavender farm, Junee, Ganmain, Cootamundra, Festival of the Falling Leaf in Tumut, etc.

The band is always on the lookout for new members to replace our school leavers who move out of town each year to follow their career paths. Several of our members have gone on to become professional musicians in army bands and orchestras, an indication of the valuable role that the band plays in fostering musical talent. This is one of our core objectives; to make available a forum for all interested musicians to further their talents, while providing listening enjoyment to the citizens of Wagga and district.

The Riverina Concert Band is supported by Riverina Conservatorium of Music, Wagga Wagga City Council and Wagga Mutual Credit Union.

Prepared by Michael Pym, treasurer and historian for RCB. Michael has been with the band through all its manifestations from 1956.


RCB is a development of Wagga Wagga City Brass band which passed on to the Police Citizens Boys Club and was restructured in 1972 under Dr. Roland Bannister, founding Director of the Riverina Conservatorium of Music. The band is an ensemble of the Riverina Conservatorium of music and is run by an independent committee of twelve including President, Secretary, Treasurer & Musical Director. RCB has its own constitution which outlines the objectives of the band as

  1. To promote knowledge and love of music among the public and residents of Wagga Wagga Municipality (and surrounding shires) & among students & staff of CSUR.
  2. To foster & encourage musical talent in Wagga residents & students of CSUR & to attract youth of the district to join the band & take an active interest in its activities.
  3. To endeavor by constant study & practice to raise the musical standard of the band
  4. To publicize the City of Wagga Wagga & the Riverina Conservatorium of Music & by attaining & maintaining a high standard of conduct & performance to bring credit & prestige to the city of Wagga Wagga & the Riverina Conservatorium of Music.
  5. To raise funds for the proper maintenance of the band & for extension of activities.
  6. To assist where practicable any deserving charitable institution or object.
  7. To do all such things as are incidental to any of these objects & as are necessary or desirable to ensure the attainment thereof.

Trevor, I felt it appropriate that you should have the objects listed so that you can gauge any information you receive fits these guide lines.

You could include a band profile along the lines used in Don’s successful application to the Community Advancement Fund . Basically we are a mix of musicians from many backgrounds with varying skills. We are the only Concert Band in the district open to all players whether from the forces, citizens ( & senior citizens ) of the city & surrounding districts, uni students & school students. A comment on the type of music we play could be good. We attempt to be versatile not only in the selection of charts but in the fact that we are a concert band and a marching band and a big band ( Jazz Festival ) and a contesting band, having competed in state & Australian comps.

Historically the Community Advancement fund was responsible for the funding of the band through the 1950’2 and in to the 60’s when the council lost interest in bands, passing ownership on to the Boys Club.

Grab some info from the attached history. I think it is worth noting that RCB has always had a skilled conductor & always held rehearsals every school week for the past 36 years. I believe this is remarkable in these times of fluctuating fortunes when bands come & go.